When Lisa's son Billy started planning his wedding she knew it was the perfect time to do something she had always wanted to.... start taking dance lessons!

What made you want to start taking dance lessons?

Similar to my husband, Billy is about one foot taller than me. It has always been difficult dancing with my husband because of the height difference and it was really important to me that our mother/son dance at his wedding didn't look awkward.

How did you choose Arthur Murray Dance in Swansea?

I met Robin and Rick at my networking group and thought I would be the perfect referral.

What has is been like working with our instructors?

Robin and Rick are characters, they bring a fun approach to dance, and have very friendly personalities. We both immediately felt extremely comfortable and never embarrassed. There were times where I would want to feel frustrated but Rick and Robin really made me feel comfortable with their patient and non-threatening attitudes towards my level of dance. It's been a real pleasure and each time we attended a 45 minute lesson I really felt passionate about continuing to get better. It's an experience where you feel like you're accomplishing something. Learning something and seeing the improvements quickly. Each time you go you get a little better and you feel more confident. 

My husband and I will be married 40 years in August, and now that my son and I have started taking lessons he is more open to trying it with me. I'm hoping this will lead to a different Friday night rather than just going out to dinner. 

What style of dance are you learning?

A version of a foxtrot. Doesn't feel old fashioned at all. People assume they are going to learn old fashioned dances they are never going to lose but that isn't the case and the box step we have been learning can really be adjusted to any song you are dancing. The way they teach dance really allows you to  bring it on the dance floor. In the beginning I really felt like I had two left feet, no coordination and was too stiff. It's amazing how you learn to relax and learn to move in a way that feels good and looks good. 

What has it been like to take lessons with your son?

Awesome! My son was all in from the very first moment but I  wasn't sure. I am grateful I faced my insecurities because this is an experience we'll always have and always be able to share before he makes his home with his wife. It's a time we've been able to have just the two of us that is fun and different. I have a lot of gratitude towards Robin because she's enabled us to have an experience and bond that I didn't think I would be able to get before the wedding. 

Practicing that moment when he walks towards me, goofing off and smiling as we practice in the studio is a moment that I will always remember. Him telling me he's supposed to lead not me and stepping on each other's feet as we learn. It's that moment of learning to let go and let that other person lead. Billy and his future wife Carly also started taking lessons based on our experience and have been having a wonderful time. It just shows that you're never too old or young to start taking dance lessons. 

How soon did you start taking lessons before the wedding?

We took lessons really late leading up to the wedding. Took 4 lessons leading up to the wedding to learn some basics, which allowed us to learn the basics we needed to look good on the dance floor, but I feel like if we had the time we would have gone and learnt more absolutely! I highly recommend it for any style wedding couple, anyone who is going on a cruise, resort vacation. Anywhere there is any kind of dancing going on it would really add to your experience on a vacation or special event. Having the ability to really get up and move like that, makes the experience that much more. Not just slow dances, but really any type of music can be danced using these simple steps. 

"This experience has been eye opening. The potential of being able to move and truly experience and enjoy the dance floor. " - Lisa Z.